If your license includes an individual domain you have the option to set up a subdomain for your publications on your own domain. This subdomain is linked to the editor via domain mapping. Therefor all future issues published with Webmag will be automatically visible on your own subdomain. The URL of your publication will be shown as follows:


In the end your link will look like this example: https://magazin.iveco.de/ivecoyou/1-2020/cover

Choose a name for your subdomain

You are free to choose the name of your subdomain. It´s useful to choose a generic term to have got the option to publish other articles under the same subdomain in the future (e.g. magazine or content instead of customer-magazine or catalog). Also keep in mind that you maybe want to publish an edition in a different language under the same subdomain at a later time.

To set up your domain, you need access to your web space.If you don't have this access yourself, ask your administrator to complete the following steps:

1. Set up a subdomain
2. Create a name server entry
3. Activation

1. Set up a subdomain 

To set up your subdomain, create a new folder with the name of the subdomain in the home directory of your webspace. Another option is to create the subdomain right at the back-end.

2. Create a name server entry 

Afterwards create an entry in the name sever. This is needed to address the domain. To make this entry navigate to the domain management in your web space. Then go to the DNS entries. Create a new entry with the following information:

Hostname: YourSubdomain.YourDomain.com (or .org etc.)
Destination/Target: WebmagSubdomain.webmag.io (enter the subdomain with which you are registered at Webmag)

3. Activation 

As soon as you have completed the entry, please confirm by sending a short email to support@webmag.io naming your subdomain. Activation will be done within 48 hours. 

Do you have any questions regarding the setup? 

No problem. We are happy to go through each step with you. Please arrange an appointment with our team: support@webmag.io.