An anchor link describes a skip mark within an article. By using anchor links you are able to refer to another part within your article. Through the option to integrate skip marks into the URL, subsections in articles can be addressed directly. 

1. Place the anchor link

Go to settings of the snippet, which you want to refer to within your article. Watch out for the "Add Anchor Link" field at the top. Enter any term here (no spaces or special characters). 

2. Link to the anchor

The anchor link is a combination of the URL of your article and the anchor. Simply place it at the end of your URL by using a hashtag. View your articles URL by using the small dropdown menu of the article overview (article URL). 

3. Example

For example, if you are using this article URL: and you want to link to the section with the anchor as shown in the screenshot above, add #anchor to the URL.

This link will lead you directly to the skip mark within your article. You can use these links within your magazine and its even possible to link to another article. For the internal link simply use the ending of the article plus the anchor. Example:


Feel free to share your skip mark link directly with your readers or on any social media platform.